Thursday, 7 May 2015

Saruja- ANZAC Letter


Dear Friends Yofan,                                                           

Oh my god, this place is dirty and disgusting, because I see my friends get killed, As I always say war is very hard, but i have to fight for our country. When I open my eye, I can see blood drip from the roof. I always wonder how a bad life, this is.  

Everyday, I hear people shouting with frightness. I am always think this place is disgusting, because I see rats running inside of the trenches which loses my sleep. Even if it smelly we still have to stay here.

This is the most bad activity I have done in my life.  It was climbing up hills to get water. Do you think this is a wonderful life? I say “NO”! If you think you want to be a soldier, thats a good idea, but you will waste your life, and miss your family.  That what had happen to me.

I'm always petrified for the soldiers who have to risk their lives. I always feel scared, because sometimes I might die.

Look after my family, sometime I might not come back.

Your loving friend

This is a letter I did. This letter is about trenches and how the war is a bad idea. I have explained how I don't like seeing soldiers being killed. I also explained how trenches are very bad to stay in because of the rats.

Above is a letter on a google draw, and the bottom is the on where you can read it properly. The one with the google draw is a bit hard to read because it is in cursive so I would recommend reading the one without the cursive font.


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