Friday, 1 May 2015

Saruja- Poppies (DLO)

On Thursday we were talking about Poppies. I have done this poster to show what are poppies and why do we wear them on ANZAC Day. For this activity we had to use websites to find out information about poppies.  We have to do this activity by ourself so we can see how we know about poppies otherwise we have to copy the partner's idea. This activity helps me to understand about poppies and I know why do we wear poppies and why it was chosen. I think this poster will help you to understand about poppies. 
Informations I got it from


Sajiha said...

Hi Saruja,
Your information poster about Poppies is very eye-catching. You have chosen the colors very carefully which makes your work stand out! The pictures back up your information and show a lot of learning. Maybe it would be better if you changed the size on your fonts. Well done and keep up the great work!

Sincerely Sajiha

Tim said...

Hi Saruja,

Your information poster is very effective and I like how you added the questions like why do we wear poppies and why are the poppies chosen, the colour of your poster matches the point of this information poster which make is very eye-catching, what I would probably change is the 'In Flanders Poem' Font Colour bold so it is easier to read but other than that amazing work


Sincerely Tim

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