Friday, 29 May 2015

Saruja- parents interview ( In Rm 5 )


Yesterday we had our parents interview with our teachers. This interview was different than last year, because we have tell everything that we learn this year at our classroom. This is the photo of my mother and me. I was showing all the works that I have done at Rm 5.  On the computer I was showing her my blog, writing, math, reading and inquiry.  After that she will talk to my teacher and she will ask what she need to work on and How can I help her. My teacher said” I need to work on math and reading”. Then she gave me some activity that I can do at home, so I can improve my reading and my math. When finish our interview mum told me” you need to work hard so you can improve your math and reading.
I think this kind of interview is better, so kids can talk to their parents in their language.

I would like to thank my teacher Mrs Anderson to organized this interview in a perfect way.


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